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Rabbits And Deer And Raccoons – Oh My!
Try these tricks and tips to keep animals out of your garden.
Water The Right Way
Who knew that you could save water and money just by keeping your plants happy?
Gardening As Child’s Play
Teach Your Children Or Grandchildren The Benefits Of Growing A Garden
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Plant Pick of the Month

The tallest of the Wave® Family, Tidal Wave® Petunias create an extremely full plant covered with an amazing number of blooms. The plant first grows outward, then up, and finally in both directions to make an outstanding, shrublike shape that continues to hold its form all season. Excellent for landscapes and large containers, Tidal Wave bounces back quickly from rain and won't "split." Spaced a minimum of 12 in. (30 cm) apart, these plants form a dense, mounded hedge. When planted 24 in. (60 cm) apart, Tidal Wave spreads like a groundcover.

For more information about the Tidal Wave series and to add it to your Shopping List, visit the Plant Search.

Develop Your Flower Palate

Gardeners and wine connoisseurs alike start with easy, accessible varieties to develop their palates for more complicated colors, textures and styles. Learn more about plant varieties for gardeners at every level of experience, helping develop your flower palate so you can truly taste success in your garden.

Find out which plants are best for you...

  Know Your Hardiness Zone

It's a good idea to know what hardiness zone you live in. While it does not tell the whole story, it's a good general indicator of how plants will perform in your part of North America. The lower the number, the more hardy a plant must be to survive the Winter.

What's my hardiness zone?
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