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Level of Expertise: Spring Blossom

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Just venturing into the world of gardening, this gardener is committed to learning more. Gardening might be a new hobby she wants to try or a way to beautify her home. She wants to experiment with easy, accessible flowers that will give her great results and encourage her to continue her gardening education.

Try These Simply Beautiful Plants:

Easy Wave Mystic Pink Petunias
  • Easy Wave®  Petunia - Excellent choice for landscapes, hanging baskets and containers; Easy-to-flower, high-impact plants with minimal maintenance requirements
  • DragonWing® Begonia - Strong, low-maintenance beauty that fills beds, baskets and planters quickly; Put this plant anywhere, sun or shade
  • Fanfare® Impatiens - Put this plant anywhere, sun or shade
  • Designer® Geranium - Classic garden plant that delivers success every time; Bright and large, semi-double blooms that will last throughout the whole season

Level of Expertise: Garden Cultivator

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This moderately experienced gardener has successfully cultivated a number of plants and is looking for more options to expand her flower palate. She understands the basic “rules” of gardening and is ready for plants that need her expertise to thrive and help her create a unique, visually appealing garden.

Try These Simply Beautiful Plants:

Calico Ornamental Pepper
  • Serena® Angelonia - By its appearance, this plant may give the impression that it’s hard to grow, but it’s really simple; Tough garden plant that thrives in heat and is easy to grow; Low-maintenance and is tolerant to both wet or dry soil
  • Fiesta™ Double Impatiens - Perfect for baskets, containers and landscapes; Upscale, fully double flower that grows just like regular impatiens
  • Ornamental Peppers (Purple Flash, Sangria, Calico) - High-appeal, variegated foliage with glossy fruit; These heat-tolerant plants create interest in the garden

Level of Expertise: Planting Pro

Your Profile
Capable of growing practically anything, this gardener is ready for a challenge. She wants to be the first on her block to try the latest plant varieties and feels rewarded when she succeeds. She can’t wait for gardening season to start so she can show off her carefully planned and cultivated landscape.

Zahara Zinnia
Try These Simply Beautiful Plants:
  • Cabaret® Calibrachoa - Self-cleaning plants, no dead-heading required; Plant three different colors in a hanging basket to create a unique display of colors
  • Zahara® Zinnia - Very low-water needs, making it a perfect summertime, drought-tolerant garden addition; Adds bright colors to the garden with very little work
  • Mystic Spires Blue Salvia - Tolerates the heat very well
  • Mixed Container for the Sun
    o Lucky™ Lantana
    o Indian Summer Coleus
    o Mint Mocha Coleus
    o Twister Juncus

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